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Wedding photography services Hull

More than ever couples recently are enjoying having more input over their wedding pictures.

  There are many sites on-line to help you build your own album yourself and i offer a sevice to

give you quality images so you can also do this.

   I provide you with complete coverage of your wedding day, from being with the bride to give 

coverage of final preparations, then onto the ceremony location and finaly onto the wedding

breakfast / reception venue. There is no set time for this coverage or amount of pictures taken

this would all depend on location / venue / guest numbers, etc so you can be assured that your

full day will be covered, the majority of weddings i shoot would provide around 500-600 images,

of these 200 or so will be 'photoshopped' if required ready for printing or producing your album.

  Copyright of all the images you receive will also belong to you.

           The full cost of the above is £330.00, this also includes, further to an initial meeting,

meeting with you both a week or so before your big day to discuss final details.

    Please call me on  07920 756 420 if you would like any more information or if i can be 

of any further help.